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The extreme climatic conditions of the North introduce a design challenge for architects. The fragile environmental conditions require incisive designs that respond to irregular loading from strong winds, heavy snowfalls, avalanche risk zones, and extreme cold. These phenomena are often instantaneous, sudden, and unpredictable. Risk of severe weather increases the vulnerability of human habitation to natural surroundings. Housing, in particular, must achieve levels of self-sufficiency in such environments in order to decrease dependency upon external infrastructure networks that can be severed during periods of harsh weather. At the same time, complications in material provision and inaccessible, remote terrain introduce ideas of prefabrication and economy of construction within these very particular contexts. Designing living environments must therefore consolidate solutions to scarcity, inaccessibility, and self-sufficiency with innovation particular to extreme climates. The existing dichotomy between vernacular housing traditions and the latest innovation in building technology establishes an interesting terrain for the design of comfortable living environments in the most harsh weather conditions.

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Mentors Rok Oman, OFIS arhitekti Špela Videčnik, OFIS arhitekti Workshop organizers Tadej Glažar, Fakulteta za arhitekturo Vid Degleria, Fakulteta za arhitekturo External participants Robert Rehar Rok Stopar Matevz Jerman Aleš Vrhovec Consultant for statics David Koren, Fakulteta za arhitekturo Simon Petrovčič, Fakulteta za arhitekturo Student design team Diego Umari Tina Leittinger Pia Berčič Martina Vrankar Jakob Kajzer Uroš Jesihar Valentina Barukčič Nastja Fingušt Polona Pušnik Jona Rak Koceli Alja Leskovar Jan Tinunin Sabina Troha book editor Diego Umari Workshop Assistant Vid Degleria Acknowledgments We would like to thank Dean Peter Gabrijelčič and Associate Dean Tadej Glažar for the opportunity to teach this workshop, Simon Petrovčič and David Koren for their support and contributions for structrual design. Thanks also to Jamarsko društvo Danilo Remškar Ajdovščina for all their informations and offering us a real site. Finally, thanks the critics for their important words during final review: Matevž Jerman, Robert Rehar, Aleš Vrhovec, Tadej Glažar, Simon Petrovčič and David Koren. A special thanks to the OFIS team: Maria Della Mea and Janez Martinčič.