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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, is an extraordinary city informed by multiple cultures. Largely comprised of Bumiputera (Malay) and Chinese inhabitants, the diverse constituency likewise includes Indians and subpopulations of East Malaysia. Religious affiliations include Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and Taoist. The city’s landscape is shaped by this conglomeration and more. The option studio “Kuala Lumpur: Designing the Public Realm” focused on a complex area that contains the business district of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, part of the channelized Klang River trapped between a highway and a historic Muslim cemetery, and the traditional Malay enclave of Kampung Baru. The site, which extends a diameter of 1.5 kilometers, serves as an illustration of the city’s complex ethnic and social fabric and the pressures of rapid development in Southeast Asia.

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Studio Instructors Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik, David Rubin Teaching Assistant Mikhail Grinwald Students William Baumgardner, Emily Blair, Lanisha Blount, Chenyuan Gu, Sophie Maguire, Marcus Mello, Chris Merritt, Hyunsik Mun, Jake Watters, Emma Xue, Andrew Younker, Dandi Zhang Midterm Review Critics Myrna Ayoub, Sean Chiao, K. Michael Hays, Mark Heller, Pavlina Ilieva, Grace La, Mohsen Mostafavi, Mark Mulligan, Thomas Oslund Final Review Critics Myrna Ayoub, Sean Chiao, Felipe Correa, Gina Ford, K. Michael Hays, Mariana Ibañez, Pavlina Ilieva, Hanif Kara, Grace La, Ignacio Lamar, Nancy Lin, Kamil Merican, Mohsen Mostafavi, Mark Mulligan, Thomas Oslund, Andrea Porelli Report Design Mikhail Grinwald Copy Editor Krista Sykes A Harvard University Graduate School of Design Publication Dean and Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design Mohsen Mostafavi Assistant Dean and Director for Communications and Public Programs Ken Stewart Editor in Chief Jennifer Sigler Associate Editor Marielle Suba Production Manager Meghan Sandberg Series design by Laura Grey and Zak Jensen ISBN 978-1-934510-66-7 © 2017 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Text and images © 2017 by their authors. The editors have attempted to acknowledge all sources of images used and apologize for any errors or omissions. Harvard University Graduate School of Design 48 Quincy Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Acknowledgments We would like to thank Mohsen Mostafavi, dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design; Anita Berrizbeitia, chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture; and K. Michael Hays, interim chair of the Department of Architecture, for the opportunity to instruct this studio. We are also grateful to Sean Chiao, president of AECOM Asia Pacific, for proposing the study of this exciting city, providing feedback throughout the semester, and for supporting the studio, along with Nancy Lin, Feisal Noor, Jeff Ngai, and Kamiena Wong. Many thanks to the participants at the Kuala Lumpur forum, including Kamil Merican, David Hashim, and members of Think City for sharing their thoughts of and experiences with the city. Thanks to Jackie Piracini, Ashley Lang, Taylor Horner, and the Harvard GSD administration for their help. We extend our gratitude to the studio’s structural consultant, Hanif Kara; the jury critics for their important words during reviews; and, of course, the students for all of their hard work. Finally, special thanks to our teaching assistant, Mikhail Grinwald, for his boundless energy, great organization of the semester, and assistance with our final exhibition and this publication. Image Credits Cover image, 8–9, 17, 22 (right), 28–29: © Say Cheese Photography 14 (top): William Baumgardner 14 (middle and bottom): Špela Videcnik 15: © Hafidz Abdul Kadir Photography / Getty Images 18–19: David Rubin 22 (right): Sophie Maguire 23 (left): Emma Xue 24–25, 32–33, 39: William Baumgardner 35, 138–139: Maggie Janik 43: Hafidz Abdul Kadir Photography / Shutterstock 58: Andrew Younker