location stara fuzina, slovenia date 2008 - 2009 program residence client -
area 95 m2 cost - type commission status built
This hut is situated in a small Alpine village, part of the Triglav national park with very strict rules on construction and architectural design.
The client bought the site together with an existing construction permit for a generic project.
The demand of the client was not to change the construction permit but to change the elements of the house
to suit his family - to position the openings toward the views and to increase its sustainability.
The volume of the house is 6 x 11 meters and it has a 42 degree pitched roof. External dimensions and material types are from the existing project.
Materials – the elements such as stone, wooden columns and facade patterns are all taken from the local environment and
reinstate the dialogue of the surrounding typology. Interior organization suits the needs of the family and is very rational.
The central staircase rotates around the fireplace that heats both floors.
There are 3 bedrooms, a bath with sauna on the top floor and minimal corridors.
The ground floor is an open plan room with kitchen; dinning and living, storage is under the staircase.
The level is partially lower so the window shelves act as a sofa with views toward the mountains. Large corner window
were positioned towards the sun therefore during sunny winter days no heating is required.
Extra thermal insulation is put between the wooden cladding – both in exterior and interior, black foil that is put behind the wood absorbs
the heat of the sun and transforms it onto the walls.
The upper floor is cantilevered over the front of the ground floor and acts as sun protector in summer when the sun is higher.
Rain water is collected from the roof and transported through vertical pipes which are inserted into wooden beams.

  6x11 Alpine hut in Slovene Alps

Commission 2007 /
construction start 2008 /
completed 2009

Project Architect: OFIS arhitekti,
Design Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik,
Tomaz Gregoric, Andrej Gregoric, Anna Breda
Client: private
Structural Engineers: Projecta d.o.o.
Main contractor: P-Grad d.o.o.
Start on site date: september 2007
Contract duration: 12 months
Internal floor area: 95 m2 neto

photo@tomaz gregoric