location ljubljana, slovenia date 2000 program public/mixed client city of ljubljana
area 4,000 m2 cost - type competition (hon.mention) status -
The parking house with 1.200 parking spaces and 4.000 sqm of public programs is located in the hospital zone of the city.
four out of eight floors are underground. it is organised on a light continuous slope.
The brief of the competition demanded 1100 parking spaces and almost no urban public program.
The site has very strict urban rules relating to the shape and the height of the building.
The external envelope of the project is an extrusion of the site and interior is formed by the manipulation of the car.
Between the two envelopes supporting services are located.
The entry garage ramp is slightly sloped and parking takes place perpendicular to the ramp. The exit ramp is a fast spiral.
According to the urban position and undefined brief of the client the project proposed various amounts of public programs to appear
on the belts by the main street.
The envelope is made of parallel metal belts that form shading system and rain-protection on the façade and rotate into the stepped roof on the top.
It allows arrangement of commercial displays and is formed in a zigzag rhythm according to the best view from the passing cars.
The rolling displays and passing cars make dinamic effects of the envelope.
And at the night there are dinamic light shinings of the passing cars especially on the corner where is the fast ramp going down……..
The façade elements can be easily changed for rotating commercial display surfaces.
Relating to the view of the by passing cars the façade is broken so the position of the commercial panels is the most exposed.

  public parking house

competition . sep.2000 . hon. mention

ljubljana 2000