location london, uk date 2000 program public/ma client ove arup partnership itd
area 8600 m2 cost - type master thesis AA status -
The project was researching trough the following areas of research:

1. structure of the company
The client was Ove Arup and the site a city block in Central London.
It is a research of new office space – corporate environments.
Several divisions and departments that form a very complex structure.

2. Grounds
The departments are displaced on four programmatic belts occupying the city block.
The connections between two departments create sloped grounds. On the slopes hot-desking areas are provided that allow department to extent when necessary.
In the pocket under the slope shared supporting programme is placed.
The pocket-prototypes vary according to the formal-informal character (opened-closed space) and capacity of users (big- small).

3. Vectors of radial transformation
The pocket-prototypes occupy the block following the character of the site.

4. Envelope
Structural curtain forms the envelope. The curtain has cuts and twists that allows light to penetrate inside the building.
The twists create shading systems and partitions between working spaces.

5. cladding
The cladding of the ground is a cut surface that forms stepped surface creating furniture partitions, suspended ceilings and different cladding systems.

  Ove Arup Headquarters

MA Thesis, Architectural Association, London 1999-2000

Rok Oman
Spela Videcnik