location maribor, slovenia date 2001 program public/culture client the city of maribor
area 10,000 m2 cost - type invited competition status -
The location of the new Cinemaplex is the edge of the old city-centre of Maribor, Slovenia.
It is an urban hybrid of cinemas, restaurants, bars and retail units with underground parking.
The site is unique; it is by the river bank that is a part of the city's promenade.
The appearance –The bridge crossing the river is a sort of a door entrance to the old part of the Maribor.
The most exposed part of the building viewed from the bridge is a top elevation-the roof. In that context is treated as a fifth façade of the building.
Similarly the roof-top is defined and cut by fragmented strips that form the terraces, gardens and an open cinema auditorium.
The cinema halls are separated by areas containing public programmes.
The public areas programmes wrap around each hall in a similar way to a film strip rolling through a movie projector.
The contextual appearance of the building is conceived by use of multimedia, projected onto the main elevation at night.
Film extracts and commercials mix with the moving images performed by the visitors inside the palace to entice people to enter from the outside.
The interior is formed by sequences of programmatic paths and entrances into diverse interior programs.
The interior space is extremely perforated and forms galleries, voids and opened plateaus.
The commercial programs are exposed into various directions and attract for example restaurant guests into the cinema lobby or
cinema visitor into media shops.

  Invited competition
June 2001

Ofis arhitekti

Design team:
Rok Oman
Spela Videcnik
Josip Konstantinovic
Tinka Prekovic
Ivana Sehic
blaz Razpotnik