location dublin, ireland date 2003 program public/mixed client city of dublin
area 11,000 m2 cost 1,300 eur/m2 type public competition status -
Landmark Tower/U2 Studio at Britain Quay

The competition to create a landmark tower/U2 studio on Britain Quay in Dublin, Ireland was held in 2003.
The building occupies the whole site and was designed as a continuos programmatic strip which bends 3-dimensionally into a complex sculpture,
which can also be identified as the overlapping letters of U and 2: this produces a landmark for the new city quay and introduces a complex interior,
which is clearly visible from all exterior views .
By bending rather than breaking the space offers unique spatial transitions of the inside spaces that are able to inhabit
complex and communicative interior spaces.
The glazed façade that follows the volume acts as mirror in the daylight –
the bent glazed surfaces will brake the light and offer a combination of reflections from the river, the clouds and the surrounding area.
At night the lights inside the building will create a performance of people inhabiting the space to those passing by outside.
By introducing internal double spaces such as shared atriums, galleries and viewing platforms the interior space is divided into several sections.
This concept offers great spatial and environmental diversity - the different programs are connected but yet can be totally isolated.

  OFIS team:

Rok Oman
Špela Videčnik
Neža Oman
Rok Gerbec
Karla Murovec
JooYorung Kim