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OFIS presented at PAVILLON DE L`ARSENAL in Paris ...


Exhibition from 6/2/2009 > 1/3/2009 ...

Contests Ladoumegue, 75019 

2 competition for the redevelopment of the stadium Jules Ladoumegue

Exemplary urban recovery of the crown in Paris, the redevelopment of the stadium reconstruction Jules Ladoumegue associated sports facilities, construction of a site maintenance and storage of the tramway T3, and creation of a dormitory housing 180.

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The exhibition "Design Ladoumegue" is the ambitious proposals of the architectural competition for the realization of future sports facilities and housing, and allows everyone to discover the fate of this territory on the outskirts north / east of Paris at the Porte de Pantin. 

The projects of 10 agencies of architecture, very young or confirmed, seek to exploit the local issues, the ring road to the east, Canal Ourcq the north and the arrival of the tram in order to 'reveal the potential. They also show strong commitment from the design for an environmental compliance plan Parisian atmosphere. 

Inventive and innovative grouping of different programs run by both the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the City of Paris, the RIVP and RATP, the redevelopment of the stadium Jules Ladoumegue developed a mix of urban s'accompagne ' Redial a landscape to help develop this site and changing the link with its neighboring areas. 

The exhibition to see the birth of a district involving innovative use of high quality, mixed urban density requirements, requirements for energy efficiency and architectural quality. 

Reconstruction of sports facilities Stade Jules Ladoumegue in interlocking with the site maintenance and storage of Tramway.

Client: Ville de Paris, DPA
Teams invited: 
- Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, winner 
- Geyter Xaveer of Architects 
- Dominique Perrault Architecture 
- Bernard Tschumi Architects Planners 

Construction of a dormitory housing 180 
Client: RIVP

Teams invited:
- AAVP, Atelier d'Architecture Vincent pareira 
- Emmanuel Combarelles - Dominique Marrec Architects 
- + Hamonic Masson 
- JDS / Julien de Smedt Architects 
- Moussafir Architectes Associés 
- OFIS arhitekti, winner