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400 sketches and drawings signed by 110 internationally renowned
architects in homage to Piero Portaluppi
Milan, April 18 – May 10, 2009
Villa Necchi Campiglio, Via Mozart 14
Triennale Bovisa, Via Lambruschini 31
Abitare Headquarters, Via Ventura 5
On Saturday, April 18, in conjunction with the Milan Furniture Fair – when the city will be
transformed into an international showcase for art, design and architecture – the exhibition
entitled The Hand of the Architect will open to the public. This event, organised by FAI –
Fondo Ambiente Italiano (The Italian National Trust) and alterstudio partners, will see
the exhibiting of around four hundred drawings and sketches by the world’s leading
architects, which they have donated to FAI as an homage to Piero Portaluppi. The
venues for the exhibition will be Villa Necchi Campiglio (a FAI-owned property in the
heart of Milan), La Triennale Bovisa and the headquarters of Abitare magazine.
The drawings and sketches on show will then be sold off at a FAI fund-raising auction in
aid of Villa Necchi Campiglio, orchestrated in partnership with Sotheby’s, which will
take place at the Villa itself on Thursday, May 14.
The initiative, conceived and curated by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert,
was launched on the occasion of the opening to the public of Villa Necchi Campiglio in the
summer of 2008. With a view to raising funds for FAI, the organisers asked numerous
Italian and non-Italian architects to donate some signed sketches to FAI as an homage to
the important Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi, who was responsible for the design of
Villa Necchi Campiglio in 1932.
110 architects from all over the world responded positively to the appeal, donating a
total of around 400 signed drawings and sketches of their own architectural works.
By its very nature, the material donated is extremely varied, but united by a common
creative spark. The drawings and sketches are in myriad different formats, and use an
array of techniques on a range of surfaces. Some are in colour, whereas others are in
black and white, but they all give fascinating insights into the artistic component of
The Hand of the Architect is an initiative organised by FAI and alterstudio partners,
curated by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, and staged in partnership with
La Triennale di MilanoGalleria Antonia Jannone and Sotheby’s. The initiative,
implemented under the patronage of the Provincia di Milano and the Fondazione
Portaluppi, benefits from contributions made by KitchenAid, Peugeot Automobili Italia,
Pirelli RE and Montegrappa, with input from the Istituto Marangoni and the support of
Cosmit, Fondazione Cosmit Eventi and Alessia International. Media partner: Abitare.
Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.
For information:
FAI – Villa Necchi Campiglio – tel.              0039 02 76340121       www.fondoambiente.it
Triennale Bovisa – tel.              0039 02 36577801       www.triennalebovisa.it
Abitare – tel.              0039 02 210581       www.abitare.it
Moleskine – tel.              0039 02 4344981       www.moleskine.com
Milan, March 2009
FAI Press Office
Simonetta Biagioni – press – tel.              0039 02 46761519       s.biagioni@fondoambiente.it
Novella Mirri – radio and television – tel.              0039 06 32652596      ufficiostampa@novellamirri.it