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4 islands
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The Maldives government runs a bid every few years for islands that investors can rent for 25 years. The bid documentation also has to contain a concept and an architectural proposal for the resort. The challenge was developing an environmentally friendly, ecologically sensitive and self-sustaining model of 4 different islands. Also, how to demonstrate an earnest concern and a keen sensitivity to its authentic environment. The set-up respects the indigenous nature and local surrounding conditions. We developed various proposals for 5-star resorts on 4 different islands with 100 beds each. The program provided different type's of accommodation such as on-water villas and beach-bungalows but as well as this it also contained 3 restaurants (main restaurant, beach-grill and pool-restaurant), spa, pool, diving school, services and staff accommodation. The layout of facilities was chosen carefully with the help of local environmental experts, it all depends on the position of the reef, sea erosion, wind, existing vegetation and highs - the Maldivian urbanistic law also has a very interesting height restriction, no building must be higher than the tallest tree on the island. The aim was not to damage any existing qualities and to give the new infrastructure the best possible climate and sun exposure. The main construction materials were local - wood, bamboo, straw and soil. The construction method used prefabricated elements that would be built on land and brought to the island... Island 1 – Funamadua: The prototype is an elevated floor that is embraced with a U-shaped wall with changing patterns. In this way a series of bays appear offering different external and internal spaces. The accommodation villa for example contains 3 enclosed spaces with bedroom, bath and living and external porch or verandah with views to the sea or the island. The spa has enclosed spaces for massage, ayurveda or other treatments and external porch for resting. Island 2 - Hadahaa - Continuos loops are elements of this proposal, creating paths, floors or roofs. The roofs are moon-shaped and are rising from the ground covering internal and external spaces. The loop wraps the interior of the island, where existing groups of palm trees are located and continues to the coast and the sea forming private plateaus and piers….. Island 3 – Konotta - The main prefabricated element is a sandwich-wall of wood and straw forming a tree-Y-shape. These elements can be connected in various ways offering different internal and external spaces. They form sky-light, pergolas, rooftops, blinds and similar. All types of infrastructure are built from the same elements. Island 4 - Randheli - The basic prototype has an elliptical shape with large external verandas, main internal and services spaces. The prototype has different variations in terms of size and use: Accommodation facilities for example have pool on verandah, outdoor shower on the opposite site and an internal space with bed, wardrobes and bathroom. The restaurant has similar organisation with outdoor eating, main indoor restaurant and kitchen with buffet in service areas.

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Project team rok oman spela videcnik nejc batistic martina lipicer marisa baptista 3d animations & realisations david lozej, jaka zvan, rok jereb 4 islands-Maldives tender-project 2004-06 further development 2009